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(カバー写真は14秒間隔のスライド表示です) 1965年新聞会山中湖合宿 2014年OB会有志の会山中湖観秋会 大塚キャンパス遠景大塚キャンパス正門大塚正門表札若竹像W館と図書館占春園嘉納治五郎像農学部本館 グラウンド側から見た体育学部
(The Cover Photos slide in 14-second intervals.) Our Session at Lake Yamanaka,1965do.,2014Otsuka CampusMain Gate of Otsuka CampusNameplate of Otsuka CampusWakatake StatueWest Hall and LibraryJigorô Kanô StatueAgricultural Science Department Sports Science Department

文理科大学新聞・教育大学新聞 縮刷版 1946-1973」―残部僅少・特価販売中―

-"Reduced Edition of Tokyo University of Education Newspaper 1946-1973",Few Remnants,Special Price on Sale-

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販売元(Sales Agency) あずさ書店(Book Azusa)
 〒160-0023 東京都新宿区西新宿8-10-8
 電話(Phone) 03-5389-0435
 郵便振替(Postal Transfer) 00160-7-26689
★縮刷版刊行当時の反響(Reputation of this Publication)
 1978年2月14日付 日本経済新聞 夕刊
 1978年3月 5日付 読売新聞 朝刊
 1978年3月 5日付 サンケイ新聞 朝刊
 1978年3月10日付 日刊ゲンダイ
 1978年3月12日付 朝日新聞 朝刊
 1978年3月18日付 図書新聞
 1978年3月23日付 朝日新聞 夕刊(外山滋比古氏の感想)



所載記事紹介/ 朝永振一郎教授の「思い出ばなし」/ 家永三郎教授の教科書訴訟(第一次)

Placed Articles/Professor Sin-itiro Tomonaga Reminisced About His Old Days/Professor Saburô Ienaga's 1st judicial action agaist the official sanction on the textbook of Japanese History(1965)



Union of All Japan Student Press,1949-1970/The Documents

-Requiem for Tokyo University of Education,30 Years of Glory and Passion-


Although it has been more than 40 years since its closure and few people know about it now, there was a university called Tokyo University of Education in Tokyo between 1949 and 1978. This university is often referred to as the current University of Tsukuba, but after a fierce struggle, Tokyo University of Education was abolished and University of Tsukuba was newly established, making them two separate universities. Tokyo University of Education was the only national university to be closed after the war.
The following pages are dedicated to the repose of the soul of Tokyo University of Education, which was erased from this earth and no longer exists. Sincerely yours.


 Slideshow 想い出の東京教育大学
English Version Slideshow "Memories of Tokyo University of Education",177 photos covering the time from the university's establishment in 1949 to its closure in 1978,11 min.

English Version Principal Sin-itiro Tomonaga talked about his old days at the Festival of Tôkaryô Dorm,June 10,1962, recorded by Shizuo Tsunogai,80 minutes audio file.

About the Dispute over Relocating Tokyo University of Education to Tsukuba

The Uplifting Song and Student Songs



Websites of Alumni of Tokyo University of Education

-About Our Association(Alumni Association of Tokyo University of Education Newspaper)-
 Our association began as Otsuka Gakuyûkai Kaihôbu(Otsuka students' association newsletter club) of Tokyo Higher Normal School and Tokyo University of Liberal arts and Science, established in October 1930, and was later renamed Bunrika Daigaku Shimbun Kai (Tokyo University of Liberal arts and Science Newspaper Club) in March 1948, and then Tokyo Kyôiku Daigaku Shimbun Kai (Tokyo University of Education Newspaper Club) in July 1949, and continued to publish newspapers until April 1973.(Reference:"Title Logos of Student Newspapers Associated with Tokyo University of Education". "Daily Log of Our Association,April-October 1960","Activity Album of Our Association" are also available.)
しかし、1978年3月の東京教育大学の閉学を前に、1973年4月、東京教育大学新聞会そのものが、最後の会員の卒業によりメンバー不在となって消滅したため、翌1974年5月、過去に同会に在籍した者が東京教育大学新聞会OB会(参考=2008年7月12日総会記念写真)を結成し、「文理科大学新聞・教育大学新聞 縮刷版」の刊行などの事業を行なってきました。(会員数/1974年5月パールホテル両国での創立総会時=139、2015年7月池袋ホテルメトロポリタンでの最終総会時=89。減員は死亡、消息不明による。)
 However, before the closing of Tokyo University of Education in March 1978, Tokyo University of Education Newspaper Club itself ceased to exist in April 1973, with no members left after the last member graduated. In May 1974, the following year, those who had been members of the association formed Alumni Association of Tokyo University of Education Newspaper (reference: commemorative photo taken at the general meeting on July 12, 2008), which has been conducting projects such as publishing the "Reduced Edition of Tokyo University of Education Newspaper 1946-1973". (Number of members: 139 at the inaugural general meeting at the Pearl Hotel Ryogoku in May 1974,89 at the final general meeting at the Ikebukuro Hotel Metropolitan in July 2015; the number of members has been reduced due to deaths and missing information.)
 University of Tsukuba currently has a newspaper called "University of Tsukuba Newspaper", but this newspaper is a public relations paper issued by the university authorities and is not a student newspaper with independent editorial rights. In contrast, students of University of Tsukuba used to publish "Tsukuba Student Newspaper", but it is no longer published.(Succession Relationship with Our Association)  
 Alumni Association of Tokyo University of Education Newspaper was founded on May 31, 1974, but this site was not established until February 5, 1999, some 25 years later. (It was opened at the suggestion of Kazuo Nakagawa OB, who was engaged in the translation of computer-related books at the time.)
 Reference: Commemorative photograph of the summer camp of Tokyo University of Education Newspaper Club on July 29, 1965 (at Gakutôryô Dorm, Lake Yamanaka)
OB会員用メーリング・リスト「らくらく連絡網」のメールアドレスは です。登録済のOB会員のみ使用可能です。参加希望の方は下記管理人まで連絡をお願いします。
 The email address for the "Raku Raku Contact Network" mailing list for this association is Only registered members can use it.If you are interested in participating, please contact the administrator written below.
 Please use the bulletin board on this site or Facebook of Tokyo University of Education(Japanese version or English version) to communicate with people related to Tokyo University of Education.

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